Old Man Blue XL Jumbo Cray Loop 200cm

Old Man Blue quality cray loop. Will outlast any loop you can find.
Manufacturer: Old Man Blue

Without a doubt, the best quality on the market.  They have high gauge 316 stainless steel springs (thick and strong) on the market that will outlast anything.  Quality workmanship by WA guys that are really passionate about diving & quality.

The handle is awesome.  Clipping it on to a line when getting in/out of a boat or using it to attach to a float line and tow around when freediving is invaluable.

The grips are also the same size as a cray so you can quickly eye up a cray without pulling out the gauge.

Also the loop is the perfect size for a 76mm cray.  This stops you munching cackers.

The angle on the loop is perfect, allowing you to get right behind the cray.

 Welds are done by a perfectionist with the best quality cable to avoid fraying.